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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with W

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Wach, Kenneth (UNKNOWN-)
Wallo, Kathy Marie Anne (--living--)
Walter, Friedrich (1517-1544-ABT. 1582)
Walter, Maria "Klara" (ABT. 26 Dec 1770-1810-1865)
Walter, Unknown (1556-1575-1593-1663)
Walther, Anna Elisabetha (28 Dec 1722-24 Jan 1781)
Walther, Johann Jacob (UNKNOWN-ABT. 1710)
Walther, Johann Ludwig (13 Jun 1693-14 Dec 1751)
Walther, Johann Valentin (ABT. 1641-22 Aug 1693)
Walther, Johannes (UNKNOWN-ABT. 1747)
Ward, Chansler Aaron (--living--)
Ward, James Gregory (--living--)
Ward, Jason Todd (--living--)
Weatherhead, Carol Ann (--living--)
Weatherhead, Kelly Marie (--living--)
Weatherhead, Mary Jane (--living--)
Weatherhead, Romauld Francis (17 May 1914-18 Nov 1988)
Weatherhead, Ryan Lee (--living--)
Weatherhead, Timothy Lee (--living--)
Weikum, Dietrich (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Weikum, Margareta (ABT. 1808-1837-1902)
Weikum, Philippina (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Westling, Don (UNKNOWN-)
Wiemer, Clyde (UNKNOWN-)
Wiles, Kimberly Sue (--living--)
Woffel, Kimberly Marie (UNKNOWN-)
Woodard, Unknown (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wuest, Anna Maria (1810-1894)
Wuest, Sebastian (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)