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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with L

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Labach, Johann Michel (1587-1633-BEF. 1682)
Lagge, George (25 May 1882-24 Feb 1910)
Lagge, Gertrude Auguste (Private-)
Lagge, Paul George (Private-)
Larson, Alta (UNKNOWN-)
Larson, Bud (UNKNOWN-)
Larson, Danielle Denise (--living--)
Larson, Edward (UNKNOWN-)
Larson, Erwin (UNKNOWN-)
Larson, Leona (UNKNOWN-)
Larson, Lezley Ann (--living--)
Larson, Lila (UNKNOWN-)
Larson, Lobart (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Larson, Unknown (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Larson, Wilbur(Willy) Lee (--living--)
Laubach, Jerg Niclaus (18 Feb 1682/83-1716-1774)
Laubach, Johann "Albrecht" (4 Dec 1713-15 Nov 1759)
Laubach, Maria "Clara" (19 Nov 1738-12 Jan 1807)
Laubach, Paul Batholomaeus (1626-1659-ABT. 19 Jan 1686/87)
Layton, Amy Jo (--living--)
Layton, Brittany Lynn (--living--)
Layton, Danielle Nicole (--living--)
Layton, Ronald Dean , Jr (--living--)
Layton, Ronald Dean (--living--)
Lechler, Caspar (1408-1440-1465-1527)
Lechler, Lorenz , The Elder (1440-1483-1464-1520)
Lechler, Lorenz , The Younger (1456-1495-AFT. 1547)
Lechler, Unknown (1498-1521-1543-1609)
Lee, Joanne Angela Rheault (--living--)
Leibbrand, Anne Marie (--living--)
Leibbrand, Charles Winslow (--living--)
Leibbrand, Eric Wade (--living--)
Leibbrand, Richard Winslow (--living--)
Levander, LaVey (UNKNOWN-)
Lindenberg, Wendy (--living--)
Lourdes, Unknown (UNKNOWN-)
Ludvigson, Aaron (--living--)
Ludvigson, Denver James (--living--)
Lundstrom, Unknown (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lybius, Anna (1573-1592-1608-1677)
Lybius, Matthias (1536-1568-28 Nov 1624)
Lybius, Paulus (1499-1544-BEF. 1588)