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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with C

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Callahan, Martin (-)
Carpenter, Donna Kay (--living--)
Cheng, Yuk Wah (--living--)
Christenson, Angela Kay (--living--)
Christenson, Gerald Alan (--living--)
Christenson, Kirk Bryan (--living--)
Christenson, Mark Allen (--living--)
Christiansen, Inga Marie (8 Sep 1899-20 Apr 1930)
Christiansen, Unknown1 (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Christiansen, Unknown2 (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Coates, Colleen Mary (--living--)
Couilter, Cody Russell (--living--)
Couilter, Dwayne L. (--living--)
Cover, Al (UNKNOWN-)